Snow baby

Last night I went to the Redbox down the street wearing pink slip on shoes and orange polka-dot socks.  Oh, and pajama pants.  Why, you ask?  I know it’s only Redbox and it was even an outdoor kiosk, but I was so excited I couldn’t bother with putting on boots or jeans (both which would … Continue reading

Babies be trippin’.

Three years ago around this time, I headed up to Nebraska for my sister’s wedding shower.  Last weekend, I headed up to Nebraska for her baby shower!  Circle of liiiiiiiiiiiife.  As hostess du jour, I did my best to care about decorations.  It might surprise you that when it comes to parties and showers, decor … Continue reading

Places I Spent the Night: 2012 Edition

Kansas City, MO Denver, CO Avon, CO Lincoln, NE Manassas, VA Philadelphia, PA This was the first year in five (I believe) that I did not go to Chicago, and I might as well buy a permanently-recurring seat on flights to Denver. 2013, please bring me some international travel!

DPP Day 10: My Cocoa Collection

Lindsey: … do you have any King Arthur Double Dutch Cocoa? Katie: Yeah, I have the bag Mom got me. Lindsey: The bag she got you … a YEAR ago? At Christmas? YOU STILL HAVE IT? Katie: Not all of us make chocolate cakes at the alarming rate you do. Patrick: Terrifying. At the terrifying … Continue reading